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  • Canvas

    What is this?

    Using advanced printing technologies based on the Giclée (pronounced zhee-CLAY) process. Giclée is the process of making fine art prints from a digital source. We print only with original HP dye inks on our HP wide format plotters. Our museum quality cotton based canvas have been tested and proven to last over 75 years. All of our stretcher bars are manufactured with the highest quality SPF lumber and kiln dried for consistent structural strength.


Next, Upload Your PhotoAccepted Formats: .jpg or .png

Image Size Requirements

Please make sure your image meets these requirements to ensure it processes properly and prints at the best quality.

  • Image Size Minimum: 175 kb
  • Image Size Maximum: 20 MB

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Sample Wall Preview

Select A Format For Your PrintChoose your desired CANVAS orientation

For Custom Orders, Call
1-888-980-5655 or Contact Us.

Select a Size and CropChoose your desired LANDSCAPE size (inches) and crop your print

Choose Your Finishing OptionsSet the desired border & stretch for your CANVAS

  • STRETCH What is this?

    We can stretch/frame your final print in two different frame widths, Standard or Gallery Wrap. Our Standard stretch uses wooden bars that are .75 inch (3/4 inch) in width. Our Gallery Wrap stretch uses wooden bars that are 1.5 inch (1 ½ inch) in width. Rolled canvas orders will include the printed canvas rolled.

  • Rolled
  • Standard
  • Gallery
  • BORDER  What is this?

    Unlike other canvas printers, we do use your image area to accommodate the width of your border. The image you selected via our crop tool and format will always show on the front face of your canvas print. Our Standard Stretch option uses the last row of colors/pixels from each side of your image and extends, or stretches, them to fit border width. Our Canvas Color option does not print any image colors at all on the borders. This option leaves the borders plain, only showing the actual canvas material on each side of the print.

  • Standard Pixel
  • Canvas Color
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